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Odds and Ends

Trip to Home Depot today to buy light bulbs. Never realized how many frakkin’ lights there are in this house and 1/4 of them were burned out. Compact fluorescent bulbs, bent tip bulbs, halogen bulbs and ceiling fan bulbs.

Also had to buy replacement hinges for one of the bathroom cabinets that broke years ago but never go around to replacing.

Significant other painted half the porch. Will see how long it takes for her to finish the other half.

Plan for next weekend: acid wash, seal and wax antique French tiles.



Whole house needs to be painted inside and out. Hired someone to paint the outside but made the decision to paint the inside ourselves.

One weekend of painting and this is as far as we could go. Hot and humid weather aggravating the arthritis in my back. Realized that we are now too old for manual labor.

$1000 quote from painters to do the inside. We’ll cut corners somewhere else and pay the guys to do it.


The Decision

We finally made the decision to move to a retirement community in Palm Desert. Now for the hard part – selling our house in Sherman Oaks.

So much to do and so little time. It’s amazing how much “stuff” there is to clean out. Not just the stuff in the house but the stuff in the attic and garage. Boxes and boxes of stuff. Trying to decide what should be thrown out and what to give to Goodwill.

Found a box full of power adapters and no idea what they go to. Decided to throw them all in the trash. If there are any that we need later, I’ll order a replacement.

Remote controls to electronics that died a long time ago. Threw these in the trash, too, even though I keep thinking that someone somewhere needs a replacement remote. Just don’t have the time or energy to sell them on eBay.

Old furniture – toyed with the idea of a yard sale but at 62 it’s just not worth the work. Will call Goodwill to pick up.

Well, it’s started. Will keep you posted on how it goes.